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Inspiring European Citizenship through Educational Technology

Erasmus+ Key Action II Strategic Partnership for School Education

Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Anna Powalska, English teacher, Odyssey of the Mind Coach. Dedicated English teacher since 2007. Hard-working and passionate when it comes to implementing new technologies in education, realized several projects so far, including Comenius project within the years 2010-2012. Voluntarily has been conducting Odyssey of the Mind classes - an international program, which aims to develop the skills of creative thinking, divergent problem solving and coopera4on. Her teams became vicechampions twice in the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in 2014 and 2016. Throughout her career as a teacher she engaged plenty of students to develop their skills and talents and learn to cooperate and how to effectively share and implement ideas. By a combination of passion and self-development, she continues to pursue her goals such as constant developnment in the field of education focused around new technologies (iPads) and project work.


Małgorzata Jędrzejczak – Podogrocka, History and civics teacher. I have been working in school for 16 years straight. I gathered experience through Comenius program (2010-2012) as a project coordinator in my school. I love to work with the youngsters and I would like to broaden my knowledge about teaching and get through new obstacles to acknowledge even more. As a tutor I addi4onally prepare my students to compe44ons connected with EU topics and my students already had a chance to represent our school in the EU headquarters as winners of several pres4geous

contests. We are trying to implement in our students European self-awareness and to give them an overview of basic European values. Since three years we have used iPads, so I have got no problems with new technical devices and their implication as far as learning is concerned. For me it is not only an obligatory task to follow the trends, but also a pleasure and amazing experience.


The history of our school began in 1990 on the initiative of a group of parents associated in Field Club 55 of the Social Education Association. The first president of the Club and at the same time the main initiator of the Ewaryst Estkowski Social Elementary School No. 1 was Mrs. Bogna Ganicz. The school together with other STO institutions initiated the development of non-public education in Poland.

The formation of “Czerwona” was accompanied by real enthusiasm and cooperation of parents, teachers and students. Parents, who wanted other education for their children, literally "built" the school: by painting, renovating and equipping it with basic things. Initially, its headquarters was

In addition to the Primary School, a Middle School was opened in the same building in 1999. We are currently operating as a STO Social School Complex, popularly referred to as "Czerwona 8."

From the beginning of existence, Czerwona 8 is not just an address, but above all - people. Building the community was accompanied by the cooperation of students, parents and teachers, and many projects implemented since the beginning of the school have become its tradition.

Lodz is a city which grew in its power in the nineteenth century. It has been a multicultural city, co-created by Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians and that is why in Lodz we will find traces of culture characteristic of these four societies. Lodz also features excellent factories, residences, palaces, and villas of Lodz manufacturers, that today are revitalized and used for commercial purposes. The city also features many temples and churches including Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox and synagogues.

The festivals of Lodz are an inseparable element of Lodz's cultural life and have a well-deserved reputation; they are esteemed and popular annual events connected with  movies, theatre, music, art and literature. Many of them have time-honoured traditions and devoted audiences and are of international importance, such as the animation movies festival - AnimArt or Orlen Cinergia - which is the only overview of European cinema in Poland. The Festival Lodz, the City of  Four Cultures, the most Lodz-oriented of all, celebrates the four cultures that have mostly influenced the development of Lodz: Polish, German, Jewish and Russian.

Zespoł Szkół Społecznych STO w Łodzi, UI. Czerwona 8, 93-005 Łódź, Poland.   Tel: +48 42 684 15 06   E-mail: sto.czerwona@sto.lodz.pl