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Inspiring European Citizenship through Educational Technology

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University of Łódź, ul. Uniwersytecka 3, 90-137 Łódź

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

                                    Monika Chmielecka is an assistant at the Faculty of Educational Sciences and deals with its research and teaching work. Previously, she

                                    was working in the department of Didactics and Teacher Training for 4 years. She has over 10 years extensive experience in conducting

                                    training courses and workshops and in developing leadership and social skills for adults, including teachers (more than 3,000 hours).

                                    She led four huge teacher developing programs in about 50 schools and for about 1000 teachers, and also provided needs analysis and

                                    organised workshops for them. She also has wide knowledge of both the organisation and educational processes and the development of

                                    methods and materials for self-study. She is preparing her dissertation in the field of coaching methodology and theories of adult learning, so

                                    she is advanced in leading research and surveys in the field of education. Her educational background is pedagogy but she also took part in

                                    many courses and workshops in the field of psychology to use those skills in her work.


                                    She has participated in several EU projects: “EL4VET – teachers first: using emotional literacy to improve VET teaching in the 21st century”

                                    (2012-2013), “ESSE – early school-leaving and second chance education” (2013-2014), and “ELMI – enhancing labour market integration of

                                    elderly family carers through skills improving” (2014-2015). In each of them she was responsible for different tasks including preparation of

                                    online courses for family carers (ELMI), research (ESSE), needs analysis and leading workshops about emotional literacy for

                                    teachers (EL4VET).

The University of Lodz (ULO) is one of the largest higher education institutions in Poland. Founded in 1945 it currently employs over 2500 teaching staff (of which over 1200 are Ph.D. holders). Research and teaching is carried out at 12 Faculties and inter-faculty and inter-disciplinary research institutes. International Cooperation has been given the utmost priority in the development policy of the University.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences study programmes include pedagogy and psychology. Among its 140 top-class academics there are 4 full professors, 23 associate professors and 55 assistant professors. The faculty area of research covers: diseases of affluence, the socio-economic development of Poland, the educational process of children and youth together with the conditions, disorders, and consequences of this process. The Faculty of Educational Sciences conducts studies aiming to describe and develop the theory and practice of the process of education both from a historical and contemporary perspective. The faculty is a methodology centre for didactics and organizes pre-service and in-service teachers’ training on different levels of education (primary school, secondary school, VET, high school).

The University has a vast experience in the implementation of international research and educational projects (Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, Lifelong Learning Programmes) both as a partner and coordinator.

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