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Publiczne Liceum Ogólnoksztalcace University of Łódź, Sprawiedliwych wśród Narodów Świata ul. Pomorska 161, 90-236 Łódź, Poland

                                    Hubert Horbaczewski

                                    After graduating in History in 1993 at the University of Lodz he worked in a private secondary school teaching history. He was a co-author of the

                                    schoolís curriculum in Civics. Having obtained a PhD in social sciences, he began to work at the University of Lodz, where he works until today.

                                    His scientific work relates to social communication and political marketing. He also teaches students about international organizations and the

                                    history of European integration. Since 2015, he has been working in the Public Secondary School of the University of Lodz, as a History and

                                    Civics teacher.

Publiczne Liceum OgÛlnoksztacπce Uniwersytetu Ûdzkiego

The Public Secondary School University of Lodz of the Righteous among the Nations educates young people in two main streams. The humanities class with an extended programme of Polish, English, history and social studies. The second foreign language is Latin with the elements of ancient culture. The sciences class with an extended programme of mathematics, geography and English.The second foreign language is German.

The humanities subjects aim at developing interest in culture and art. The students are acquainted with the cultural and civilisation heritage of the countries worldwide. Mathematics and geography aim to observe and put into practice different principles and rules, which lead to deeper comprehension of an outside world. Learning languages develops a linguistic interest and helps become familiar with the cultures of other countries.

The school is a university school and is located within the university campus. Highly qualified teachers prepare pupils to become students of the University of Lodz. In our school practice verifies academic theories. Not only do young people learn how to acquire knowledge, but also they mature in a scientific atmosphere. Teachers motivate students to intensive work but also offer support in difficult moments. Thanks to this, teachers and pupils create an exceptional community.

Our school is not only for the best students but for everyone who have the passion for knowledge and desire to learn. Due to well equipped classrooms and possibility to benefit from university infrastructure (laboratories, sport facilities, library), our pupils have favourable conditions to develop their interest and research passions.