Originally from a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, Cornwall, Adam has long held a fascination with psychology, always trying to understand how and why people experience the world differently. It was this that led him to move to Uxbridge to study BSc Psychology at Brunel University London, where he acquired a particular interest in the human visual system, focusing on how visual perception can alter experiences of, and interactions with, the environment. This, coupled with a desire to better understand how the brain itself operates, resulted in Adam's continued studies at Brunel University London, completing his MSc in Functional Neuroimaging, where he had the opportunity to apply fMRI to delve deeper into higher-level visual processing.

Adam is now excited to join the research cluster and contribute to its work, bringing to his research his love of neuroscience and fascination with virtual reality and the unique possibilities it presents.

When not studying various visual processes, Adam tries to keep up-to-date with research into attention, memory (and by extension learning), conscious and unconscious processing, and intergroup interactions. When not reading research papers, Adam spends his time playing games (both inside and out of VR) and watching films with friends, solving puzzles, and telling really bad jokes.